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Program LIVES Weeks 11 & 12 Recap

Welcome back!! This week we've got two updates for you. We apologize for the brief time that our website was down and we apologize for the delay in posting these recaps. The good news is that our site is up and running and Program LIVES is as strong as ever!

Week 11 - April 16

At the session on April 16, Taylor and the participants covered a wide range of topics. First, they spoke about the New York Standardized Testing that some of the group participants were taking part in at the time. Discussed were the tests themselves, the pressure of the tests, what preparations were like, etc.

Taylor then discussed the Holocaust with the group as one of the group members had a survivor come to their school. Taylor was able to have a very open and honest discussion with the group about the Holocaust and it was an emotional but necessary discussion for all. Those who don't learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

Another topic discussed is how Program LIVES will start to become more of a mentoring program than a group program, at least with the current group. Being that the current group is small, we have the opportunity for more 1v1 mentoring. The goal is to expand and to help as many people as possible, but while the numbers are low, we are looking forward to working in more of a 1v1 capacity.

Week 12 - April 23

Kim led the group on April 23. This week, the group did a spin on the game Jenga! Every time someone picked a piece they would ask someone else a question about themselves. This was a great way for those in the group to get to know each other better. We hope to form lasting bonds with our participants but we also hope that they form these bonds with each other as well. Getting to know each other better is certainly a step towards this goal.

At this session, Kim talked with the group about politics and the idea of possibly having a woman president (as Hillary was getting ready to announce her run).

Lastly, Report cards just came out so Kim went over grades as well with the group.

That's all for now. We had two great sessions the last two weeks and we look forward to another one tomorrow evening. Stay tuned for an update from that session and as always, thanks for your support!

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