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Thank you to the supporters of our latest Tikkun Long Island event!  The event was a great success and the children in Program LIVES will benefit tremendously from all of the generous contributions!  Please stay tuned to this page as we will update any new event information here as it becomes available.  Please stay abreast of our current programs here

Where:  Pugliese Vinyards, 34515 Main Road, Cutchogue, Long Island, NY 11935

When:  Friday, Demember 5, 2014 at 7pm

What:  A fundraiser to benefit the children of Program LIVES

How:  Tickets are $50 and can be purchased here, at Pugliese Vinyards or by emailing Dr. Robert Goldman, J.D., Psy.D. at


Join us for a great time, and to support a great cause!  There will be wine (of course), food from Jackson Hall American Bar & Grille, music by D Mayo Productions, raffles, a 50/50, and much more!


In addition to all of the entertainment listed above, we will also be hearing short stories from the students currently involved in the Tikkun Long Island/Herstory collaboration!!  For more information on this collaboration, please see our Current Programs page.

The net proceeds from your ticket will go to funding for Program LIVES.

Program LIVES works with youth ages 14-17 as they develop crucial life skills necessary to becoming successful adults. The ultimate goal is to give these children the tools they need to become successful members of society. Program LIVES provides youth with a sense of belonging and purpose. We strive to inspire the youth we serve, reminding them that anything is possible despite obstacles along the way.

Thanks to the supporters of our latest event, "Heal a Heart, Save a Future"

"Heal a Heart, Save a Future"

Where:  Nonnina Italian Bistro in West Islip, NY  (directions)

When:  Monday, May 5, from 6:30 - 8:30pm

What:  A fundraiser to benefit children in foster care

How:  Tickets cost $100.  We are also looking for volunteers, and for goods and services to be auctioned off at the event.  All proceeds go to support mentoring services for children in foster care.


...and most importantly, Why:  Most of the young people we work with have been extremely harmed and have lived lives in which they feel trapped. Some are orphans; some have been in jail; some have family members in jail; and some are even in the foster-care system against their own will.


If these kids go to jail, their prospects are not good.  Many of these kids are on what is called the "school-to-prison pipeline" and will not finish high school. With a 75% three-year recidivism rate, Long Island has one of the worst recidivism rates in the country.  Many of these children feel lost and like they don't have a chance in this life so they keep committing crimes.

Help us tell these kids' stories and get them the mentorship they need to succeed in life.  Through our mentoring services, we work on forgiveness tactics that aim to restore justice.  Please consider purchasing a ticket to Heal a Heart, Save a Future today -- you can purchase your tickets here -- and help us continue our work with kids in need.  We are also in need of volunteers, so if you or anyone you know is interested, please email  We are a fantastic group of students, lawyers, psychologists, writers, teachers, and social workers, and we're always growing.  No amount of help is too small!

Thanks to the supporters of our inaugural event: HEALING WEEK!



to our hosts,
our sponsors, our speakers,
our attendees, our volunteers,
our loyal supporters,
our curious students, our wise professors,
our loving children, our patient spouses,
and everyone else
for participating in the inaugural annual event:

Healing Week

-- the week-long celebration of
and its relation to criminal justice.
October 21 - 25, 2013
Special thanks to our hosts & sponsors,
who made every Healing Week event possible:
...and to our speakers, who continue to inspire us every day:

Thérèse Bartholomew

Thérèse Bartholomew is the author of Coffee Shop God, and Director of The Final Gift, which chronicles her   journey from anger at her brother's killing, to curiosity, and ultimately to forgiveness and healing.

Fernando Camacho

The Honorable Fernando Camacho is Judge for Queens County’s Prostitution Diversion Court and Suffolk County’s Youthful Offender Court (YOC).  Judge Camacho is a powerful advocate for restorative solutions to crime in New York.

T. J. Parsell

T. J. Parsell is a human rights activist, author of Fish: A Memoir of a Boy in a Man's Prison, and director of the film adaptation of Fish.  T. J. is also a leading advocate for prison reform and the elimination of prison rape.

Tamara Meyer

Tamara Meyer is the producer of  How the Light Gets In, a documentary examining the results of a week-long dialogue between the children of Holocaust victims and the children of Nazi collaborators.

Sascha Schneider

Sascha Schneider is the director of How the Light Gets In, and has spent a career as a filmmaker exploring issues of crime, culpability, forgiveness  and redemption. The Forgiveness Project, creator of The Forgiveness Exhibit: those who thought of this before we did:

-  Mahatma Gandhi


is the attribute

of the strong."

-  Martin Luther King, Jr.

"We must develop and

maintain the capacity

to forgive."

...and to Caleb Hawley, who challenges kids
to respond to bullying by being themselves:
...and finally, a special thanks to YOU, our audience.

We couldn't have done it without you all.


-- a week-long celebration of
and its relation to criminal justice.
October 21 - 25, 2013
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