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Program LIVES Week 19 Recap

Welcome back to the Program LIVES recap blog! This week we will focus on Week 19 which took place on Thursday, June 11.

Week 19 was led by Kim and again, took the group participants outside of the usual meeting room. Kim took the participants to Belmont Lake State Park, which has quickly become a favorite meeting place for the group!

With finals approaching and summer on the horizon, these two topics dominated the discussion. A heavy emphasis was put on making sure the group participants are taking the necessary steps to prepare for their finals. Kim spoke to the group at length about the importance of education and the doors that education will open in the future.

After focusing on finals for quite awhile, Kim spoke to the group participants about their summer plans as well. As noted in earlier blogs, some group participants will be furthering their studies this summer while others will be looking for work. For those taking classes this summer, we spoke to them about how summer classes cram months of work into usually a few weeks therefore you can't afford to fall behind. For those who will be working this summer, we spoke about the challenges of finding summer work but also the rewards that summer work can provide.

It was a great session that was enjoyed thoroughly by our group participants and our group leader!

With exams in full swing, group was cancelled for Thursday, June 18. We will pick things back up this upcoming Thursday, June 24!

Thanks for reading and as always, thanks for your support!

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