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Program LIVES Week 10 Recap

This past Thursday Tikkun Long Island and Program LIVES was fortunate enough to have Judge Marlene Budd come speak to the group. Judge Budd told the group her story which started in the foster care system and ended with her on the bench of the Suffolk County Family Court. Judge Budd focused her talk on what steps she took to break into the field of law. Judge Budd's talk was especially meaningful as a few members of the group have shown an interest in law.

After Judge Budd spoke, we were treated to a poem reading by one of the participants. The poem was executed very well and was very heartfelt. The willingness to share with the group demonstrates the progress that is being made by Taylor and Kim each week. The stronger the connections we make, the more we'll be able to help and mentor the group participants.

As always, thanks for your continued support of Tikkun Long Island and Program LIVES! Stay tuned next week for another recap.

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