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Program LIVES Week 9 Recap

This past Thursday Tikkun Long Island had another productive Program LIVES group session.

The first thing we did was make a timeline so that everyone in the group knows when Kim will be at group and when Taylor will be at group. Kim and Taylor are both very busy and from time to time can't make group sessions. We want our participants to know who will be at each session this way there are no surprises.

Secondly, we further discussed the volunteering opportunities that were first mentioned last week. We went more in depth into each opportunity and we should have final details soon about where our participants will be volunteering. If anyone has any volunteering opportunities that they'd like to share, please don't hesitate to reach out!!

Third, we did our weekly check in to see how our participants are doing and what help, if any, we could provide. The participants are really opening up to Taylor and Kim and the trust level continues to increase. This is great news as the more the participants open up, the more we can help them.

Lastly, we discussed the upcoming visit from Judge Marlene Budd. The participants are very excited to hear from Judge Budd, as are we!

That's all for this recap, thanks again as always for your continued support of Tikkun Long Island and Program LIVES!!

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