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Program LIVES Weeks 16 & 17 Recap

This week's recap will cover Weeks 16 and 17. Let's get to it!

Week 16 - May 21, 2015

This week was supposed to feature a trip to Belmont to watch some horse racing and to enjoy Belmont Park. We wanted to change things up a bit however the weather didn't cooperate. This particular afternoon was rainy and cold but we made the best of a tough situation. We ended up taking the group participants to a local pizza place as we felt a change in scenery would be a good thing. We had a great meal and continued to discuss upcoming summer plans while helping the group participants prepare for the end of the school year.

While the school year may be coming to an end, our commitment to our group participants is not. We plan to continue to work with our participants and we continue to look for ways to expand the group.

If you are interested in joining Program LIVES, please contact us by phone at (631) 316-8865 or by email at Thank you!

Week 17 - May 28, 2015

This week we planned to make up for last week and we hoped to take the group participants to Belmont. Unfortunately a miscommunication erased this opportunity. Group had to be cancelled for this evening.

We plan to get back to our normal time and place next week and we will reschedule Belmont for the near future.

Tikkun Long Island is interested in bringing our group to a variety of places so if you'd like to host Tikkun Long Island and Program LIVES, please contact us by phone at (631) 316-8865 or by email at Thank you!

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